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Root Canal Therapy for Cats


How do cats fracture teeth?

Cats fracture teeth most often as a result of falls or jumping down from elevated locations to hard surfaces (counter tops or floors).  The upper canine teeth are most likely to become fractured in cats. Dogs fracture teeth most often from facial trauma or from chewing hard objects.  The most common fractured tooth in dogs is the upper fourth premolar.


Can fractured teeth be saved?

Fractured cat teeth as a result of trauma can often be saved.  Root canal therapy is the best option for saving fractured cat teeth.


What is root canal therapy for cats?

Root canal therapy is an endodontic procedure.  It is the treatment of the internal aspect of the cat's tooth, called the root canal.


Root canal therapy of the left upper canine tooth in a cat!

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This left upper canine tooth had been fractured for approximately two years.  The owners recently noticed behavioral changes.  This tooth is ankylosed and
very difficult to remove.

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Root canal therapy was a logical treatment option.  A less invasive procedure and easier for the cat!  An initial endodontic file is used to evaluate the root canal.

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Endodontic files are used to remove infected pulp.  Irrigants are used to cleanse and to disinfect the root canal system.

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The root canal therapy involves filling the decontaminated root canal system using materials that are not conducive to bacterial infection.  Notice the tooth is restored to keep bacteria out of the root canal system!


Root Canal Therapy

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