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Slobbers- "Moist Dermatitis"


"Slobbers" and "wet dewlap" are terms that are often used to describe a moist dermatitis under the chin of rabbits due to excessive drooling.  The most common cause of the excessive salivation is dental malocclusion; however, there are other potential causes as well.


Facial hair was matted.

The entire chest area had matted hair.

Both front legs were hairless and swollen.


 This particular rabbit did have cheek teeth malocclusion; however, the oral exam was very revealing.  This rabbit had a normal appearing tongue with a second tongue that was positioned over the right dental arch.  The base of the extra tongue was not viewable.  The extra tongue could be positioned on top of the normal length tongue.


Normal length tongue left of midline and second tongue in the right vestibulum (cheek).

View of the shorter tongue on top of the longer tongue.

The shorter tongue is being pulled forward for biopsy.  Histology (pathologist) confirmed the tissue as normal tongue tissue.  The brown tissue is of dental origin.  The right lower cheek teeth grew horizontally under the larger tongue.


"Slobbers" is a term that refers to the wet matted hair on the chin and neck regions.  The hair is usually matted, and the skin is inflammed and sensitive.  In this patient, both front legs were free of hair and were significantly swollen.  "Wet dewlap" is a condition that typically develops from drinking out of water bowls, and results in a moist dermatitis of the chest and dewlap regions.

In this particular case, the cheek teeth were trimmed and adjusted for optimal occlusion.  Dr. Kressin was concerned that the extra tongue may reduce the natural occlusal contacts, and cause cheek teeth malocclusion.