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Oral Trauma- Cuts and Lacerations


Cats are typically very careful about what they take into their mouths. We do, however, see cats that experience oral trauma from various objects from fishing lures to holiday ornaments and plastic.  Diagnosis is the first step prior to treatment.  A thorough oral exam under anesthesia with dental radiographs and periodontal probing is mandatory.  When foreign objects are identified, they are removed.  Dental radiographs are often very helpful finding small objects imbedded in soft inflamed oral tissues.


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Meet Melinda recovering from anesthesia after experiencing oral trauma.


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Melinda had a fishing lure lodged in the back of her mouth in the area of the soft palate below the eye.  

Melinda's veterinarian removed the lure and referred her for dental radiographs and TMJ evaluation.


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Radiodense gutta percha was placed within the lacerations to help examine the area using dental radiographs to avoid missing foreign material within and below the soft tissue.


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Radiographs revealed a foreign body which was surgically removed. 

The area was meticously debrided, copiously flushed with sterile saline and a special flap was created for closure of the wound.

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A tension free flap closed the wound, reduced discomfort and prevented food and debris entrapment.


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