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Missing Teeth

Every patient that appears to have missing teeth should be evaluated further using dental radiographs.  Some pets have teeth that failed to erupt, and these unerupted or emdedded teeth may create dentigerous cysts.  If dental radiographs confirm missing teeth, the owner should understand the potential for genetic transmission of missing teeth.  These animals and their siblings should not be used for breeding.  If dental radiographs demonstrate malformed or abnormal teeth, further treatment may be required.

Clinical Case:
Collie with missing right and left upper third premolars, and lower fourth premolar teeth.

Collie with missing teeth.


View of the missing left lower fourth premolar     View of opposite side missing fourth premolar.
tooth (#308).  The periodontal probe was            A fistula was probed revealing a 12mm defect.
placed into a fistulous tract at the alveolar           Both sides were explored surgically.
crestal bone. A 10-11 mm defect was noted.


Surgical flap exposure of the alveolar crest       Alternate view after removal of granulamatous
on the left side.                                                      tissue.  No dental tissue was identified (histology).

View of the right side sutured closed using
Monocryl suture.