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Low Cost Oral Health Screening Exam

It is critically important to recognize oral health problems as early as possible.  This will improve the success of treatments (improve prognosis), lower overall cost of treatment, save teeth and possibly, save lives of pets.  The procedure is simple for you, so bring a list of three important questions about your pets oral health now.

  • Oral Health Screening Exam for $59.00*
  • If your pet allows an oral exam, we look for broken, discolored, diseased teeth and other findings.
  • If your pet comes to us fasted (no food or water for 8 hours), we can provide teeth cleaning= COHAT.
  • Dental Consultation will be limited for the Oral Health Screening, but expanded if the teeth are cleaned.


* Oral Health Screening Exam will be provided when scheduling allows.  Ask if this special price offer is available.


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