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Jaw fracture in cats


Trauma is the most frequent cause for jaw fracture in cats.  Automobile accidents, animal fights (especially cat and dog fights), blunt trauma, dental (tooth) extraction complication, falls and gunshots represent cases Dr. Kressin has managed.  These injuries can be devestating for cats and their owners.  It is very important to establish an early diagnosis and treatment plan to allow these cats to get back eating.  Feeding tubes and pain management strategies can be highly beneficial for these cats.


Clinical cases

Cat injured by a dog bite.  The right jaw was fractured and the mandibular symphysis was severely disrupted as there was bony exposure.

Right mandibular fracture with a fractured third premolar tooth.

Symphyseal separation (fracture) with bone proturded through the gingiva.

Wire reinforced splint for repair.

Alternate view of the splint.

Woven bone demonstrated healing of mandibular fracture.

Symphysis was also stabilized.



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