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We use digital radiographs, here is why...

The use of radiology for veterinary patients is not new. Just like dentists that treat people, veterinary dentists have the same capabilities. However, delays in getting the right view and developing the film meant that dogs and cats were under anesthesia for long periods of time. The solution to the delay problem is modern digital imaging.  Digital dental radiology is time and cost efficient. 

The benefit to you and your pet is that a skilled veterinary dentist is able to get a full set of dental radiographs in less time. That means less time under anesthesia for your pet. It also means that problems in your pet's mouth can be found more easily, and treatment started sooner.

For some pet owners, the thought of having their companion anesthetized for dental care is troublesome. But, it is important to remember that our pets will NOT hold still while someone tries to place a sensor in their mouth, or position their head in exactly the correct position. Furthermore, if a diseased tooth is found, treatment options can be provided to save, or safely remove problematic teeth.

It is important to remember that most of the pet's dental problems are under the gumline where they can't be seen. Anesthesia is necessary for proper evaluation of the pet's mouth, dental cleaning, and for the diagnosis and treatment of hidden problems. Many of these hidden problems are painful, so diagnosis and treatment are provided efficiently. You can count on us to care!