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Dental extraction of upper fouth premolar in a cat

Dental extraction is often necessary.  The upper fourth premolar is used as an example to illustrate the need for meticulous technique in dental extraction.  The gingival tissues are incised circumfrentially, the tooth is sectioned into separate roots after moderate alveoplasty and the individual roots are elevated.

Step by step procedure for surgical extraction of an upper fourth premolar tooth in a cat


Gingival tissue incised circumfrentially.               Appearance of mucogingival flap at buccal aspect.


Palatal view of incised gingival tissue.            Moderate alveoplasty performed.


Tooth section viewed from the buccal side.       Palatal view of sectioned right upper fourth 
                                                                                premolar tooth (#108).


Dental elevator places between buccal roots.    Dental extraction forceps are used to lift the 
                                                                                 distal root out of the alveolus.


Dental elevation of the mesial buccal root.        View of palatal root after mesial buccal root 
                                                                                was removed.


A #2 carbide round bur is used for alveoplasty  Elevation of mesial palatal root using a dental elevator
to remove the mesial palatal root.


Mucogingival flap sutured with 5-0 Monocryl.    Additional view of flap sutured over the curretted 
                                                                                alveoli.  Saline was used to flush the alveoli
                                                                                prior to closure.

View of the three extracted roots.

Dental extraction additional information.

Surgical extraction of the upper fourth premolar; dental anatomy and specific related circumstances.