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COVID-19 Updates and our Clients

Drs. Kressin and Honzelka have discussed a strategy for Animal Dentistry and Oral Surgery Specialists, LLC with regard to the National Emergency for the coronavirus pandemic.

Dr. Anthony Fauci said all Americans should be "prepared to hunker down". We have been in preparation and continue to prepare safety measures as we serve our clients and their pets.

We encourage communication between clients and our staff as we always have! One excellent method of communication with “social distance” is use of the phones and, or email of photos.

We will discourage two week rechecks for patients unless Dr Honzelka or Our clients have concerns. We aim to please but we must do the right thing (responsibly).

If employees are not feeling well, specifically have flu or coronavirus symptoms; rapid communication has been requested.

We may need to adjust our work schedules or close our services short-term. Fortunately, we operate within three different locations at different communities! Our practice provides services on specific days at these locations.

If anyone at our offices employed or not tests positive with coronavirus, we will likely close the facility for an appropriate time period as determined by health care authorities.

To be clear, this is a day by day situation. Please feel free to communicate frequently with our staff.

We have three locations, each with slightly different COVID safety protocols.

Please call us 920-233-8409 to discuss what is required at the location you will visit.

Drs. Kressin, Honzelka and staff