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Lip avulsion injury


Traumatic injury to the face can result in severe pain, facial disfigurement and functional changes of the lip.  The upper and lower lips attach to the adjacent bone by soft tissues called the frenulum.  The upper frenulum attaches to the incisive bone and the lower frenulum attaches to the mandibles.  Traumatic injury in cats and dogs may result in frenulum tears with avulsion of the upper or lower lips.  This injury results in the lower lip falling down and exposing the mandibles.  The upper lip falls to the side exposing the incisive bone.


Clinical case of lip avulsion

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Cat; lower lip frenulum tear.  Fractured lower left canine tooth.

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Close up view of the exposed mandible.

Treatment for lip avulsion.

The soft tissues were flushed, a flap was created and the surgical defect was sutured in two layers with 5-0 Monocryl suture.  Recovery was uneventful.


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