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Cat Dentistry or Feline dentistry


Why is dentistry for cats important?

Dr. Kressin has a passion for animal dental care.  Dentistry for cats is particularly important because cats have unique dental problems and behavior(s) that hide their problems.  Dr. Kressin owns cats and loves them dearly.  He definitely understands how important cats are for their owners, and he will be your cat's advocate providing thoughtful treatment recommendations.

Most dental problems in cats are especially painful.  If these problems are not recognized, these animals suffer unnecessary pain.  Chronic pain is a shame, and their life will never be the same.  Dental care for cats is all about improving their quality of life!

Feline stomatitis and tooth resorption represent major problems many cats face.  Tooth discoloration or fracture, especially the upper canine (fang teeth) are common.  It is surprising the number of cats that suffer from these conditions without recognition.  Even worse, are the cats that have these conditions, and they are not adequately treated.  The veterinary dentist is a veterinarian specialist trained to address and treat these problems.  Dr. Kressin is dedicated to help!


Is your cat's mouth healthy and comfortable?

Dr. Kressin has a passion for animal dental care, and for helping you!  On your last vet visit you were told "all is well" or "your cat is in great shape".  Ask yourself when was your last vet visit, and whether there was an opportunity to have a good look into your cats' mouth.  Was the effort made to do a good oral exam?  If no one looks, no one really knows.  Just because your cat eats and plays is no indication that all is well or that your cat is in great shape.  Special training and interest in cats allows Dr. Kressin's team to see things many others might not.  It is about being patient, empathetic, caring and just plain loving cats!Here is the very long version on an excellent oral exam!



Cat Dental Care